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I am a beauty enthusiast, I always have been. With the amount of beauty products in my stash, I could probably open a small Sephora.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, I remember devouring my mother’s Essence and Glamour magazines admiring the products on the glossy pages. When I got my first job as a Beauty Editor, it was like a dream come true. I spent my days testing new products and I was always most excited about the nail polishes. Who doesn’t love a good manicure? I received dozens of samples each day, but never paid close attention to the ingredients listed on the bottles of these nail polishes. That was until I became pregnant with my first son.


While I still wanted to get manicures and feel beautiful during my pregnancy, I didn’t want to expose myself, or my child to the harsh chemicals I found in many polishes. When I couldn’t find a brand that was vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty free I decided to create my own.

My family is from the beautiful island of Jamaica and, as a Caribbean woman I love bright and bold colors. From the warm ocean blues to the hot yellow Caribbean sun, I wanted the vibrancy of my culture to be reflected in the shades of my polish collections. I love providing women with something that makes them feel special, even if it’s a simple manicure.

As a single mother raising two boys, I also have hopes of showing my children that with hard work and determination any dream can turn into a reality. 


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