Fall/Winter 2015 Polishes Are Here!

I am so so excited to launch my new Fall/Winter 2015 Collection today! I am in love with these colors - it's hard for me to pick a favorite. And they are all absolutely perfect for this season. We've improved the formulas, the shades are rich, and we picked some fun names this time around.

  This collection features: Sorry Not Sorry, Cut First Coffee, Bye Felicia, Hey Girl Hey, and Bossy.

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Cayden Turns 2!

Yesterday I attended a fun birthday party for my godson, Cayden, who just turned 2. Overlooking the water with the Brooklyn Bridge and World Trade Center in the background, we rode on a beautiful carousel ride at Jane's Carousel in downtown Brooklyn.


In addition to the carousel, there was a large park area where the kids blew bubbles, had balloon animals made for them, and more.


The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse - one of Cayden's favorite cartoons- and his mom, my cousin Tamika, went all out for the party (our family loves throwing big events!). It was such a cool party and everyone had a great time.


As we prepare for the launch of the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, today our polishes were center stage for a fun photo shoot. My resident photographer, Collis (photosbycollis.com) took some amazing shots as usual and I'm so excited for how all the pics came out.


It was such a beautiful day outside so we headed out to a park in Brooklyn. Collis brought his son, my god-son Cayden, and I brought along my two boys Jordan and Mason for them to run around and play while we worked on the shoot. And boy oh boy did they run! Collis and I spent more time chasing them down, lol! But we got the shots we needed and the boys had fun, so all in all it was a great day!

The polishes are launching this week and I'm really loving these colors!! These four will be available in a beautiful gift set.

Stay tuned for the reveal of all colors this week. Yay!!

Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Coming Soon!

I'm so excited for the launch of our Spring/Summer Collection. The colors are so pretty and vibrant, just perfect for the warm weather seasons. And we just might be bringing back a few favorites (shhh!).

Naming the polish colors is always a fun process. I gather a group of family and friends (maybe have a bottle of wine) and end up coming up with the most fun - and sometimes crazy - names.

This time around we were stumped. So I held a fun contest on social media asking for some much needed help.


Thanks so much to Toni (@tonimarievac) for coming up with...drumroll please...Corally Yours. I thought it was such a cute name. And a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. All the names were so fun and amazing!


Stay tuned for the launch of our new collection coming soon!.